Conversations matter. SO, let’s chat.

Summer + Dreamer started because I was desperate to create beauty from ashes; to find a way to explore creativity and positivity at the same time - with a desperation for healing. At the beginning, I was creatively blocked, not advocating passionately for what I loved and worrying about what others would think. In one moment - as the words of a friend flashed on my screen, BE YOURSELF - my eyes opened, oceans parted, what people thought melted away. I began a journey to recognize that by not being my most authentic self, but being what I thought others wanted me to be, I was hurting myself. SO - I shifted. That simple. 


Almost immediately ideas began to flood into my soul. What if I shared what I WAS passionate about - creativity, mental health, feminism, environmental concerns and social justice. I quickly realized that getting wonderfully lost along the way is just a part of the journey towards discovering yourself. Now we have started THE SUNSHINE PROJECT where our entire family is involved in changing lives of kids who need quality mental health help - but it all has started with the story of our amazing son Ty.

"You are worthy of great love, you are worthy of pursuit, you are worthy of being known to the endless depths of you." Morgan Harper Nichols