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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Ghandi

Summer + Dreamer is a give back, do good, make a difference space where you will find encouragement, authenticity, realness, grace, love, hope, gratitude, positivity + Jesus. The goals are simple - lets find a way to make a difference + be better today than we were yesterday with our focus being loving others well.


When I was  in elementary school, I HATED my name. Hated it so bad I tried to change it to my middle name in 4th grade change it.  People teased me relentlessly and I was done with the jokes. I loved where my name came from - my dads middle name is Summers (named after my Grandmom Catalde) and what it represented, I was just exhausted from being teased. I grew to love my name, and it kind of has become a tribute to my journey of accepting myself as I am. I do not know many people my age named Summer. ONE to be exact. I have had to learn to love myself. The trauma I experienced, the self doubt I have created, the journey I have been on. It is uniquely mine.


 Summer + Dreamer is just that - my dreamer spirit coming to life. A small design business that started out of my need to create beautiful things for amazing people, but it became my place to heal and create beauty, spread authentic positivity + share ways to find gratitude daily. I believe that very single one of us are created to create beauty - this is my journey of creating beauty. My dream is a developing story - my own journey -  to heal and to help everyone know that they are seen, known, heard + loved - reminding others that there is precious beauty in each one of us. Each of us  wonderfully made, created with a beautiful purpose.

I am a Southern California native that became a transplant to Florida. I love all things ocean, sunset, beach + my crazy big family. You can find this Enneagram 7 (w8) dreaming of adventures on my paddle board or simply sitting on the beach. I married the most supportive husband ever and we have FIVE beautiful kids who fuel my "why" and drive me to be the best version of myself. 

Welcome to my little corner of the world.


here's my why

Summer + Dreamer started because I was desperate to create beauty from ashes; to find a way to explore creativity and positivity at the same time - with a desperation for healing. At the beginning, I was creatively blocked, not advocating passionately for what I loved and worrying about what others would think. In one moment - as the words of a friend flashed on my screen, BE YOURSELF - my eyes opened, oceans parted, what people thought melted away. I began a journey to recognize that by not being my most authentic self, but being what I thought others wanted me to be, I was hurting myself. SO - I shifted. That simple. 


Almost immediately ideas began to flood into my soul. What if I shared what I WAS passionate about - creativity, positivity, mental health, social justice, gratitude, sharing Jesus. I quickly realized that getting wonderfully lost along the way is just a part of the journey towards discovering yourself. Everything I create is to encourage people, to make someone smile and feel better about who they are created to be. Loving others + showing Jesus. I will forevermore be the person that screams the miracles that God blesses us with from the rooftops.

"You are worthy of great love, you are worthy of pursuit, you are worthy of being known to the endless depths of you." Morgan Harper Nichols

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