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(yes, like the season)

Growing up I HATED my name. I hated it so bad I tried to change it to my middle name in 4th grade change it.  People teased me relentlessly. I loved where my name came from - my dads middle name is Summers (named after my Grandmom Catalde) and I adored what it represented - a connection to my family. I grew to love my name, and it kind of has become a tribute to my journey of accepting myself as I am. I have had to learn to love myself. The trauma I experienced, the self doubt I have created, the journey I have been on. It is uniquely mine.


 Summer + Dreamer is just that - my dreamer spirit coming to life. A small design business that started out of my need to create beautiful things for amazing people, but it became my place to heal and create, spread authentic positivity + share ways to find gratitude daily. I believe that very single one of us are created to create beauty - this is my space to do that and I wan tot help you create yours. My dream is a developing story of healing. Each of us is wonderfully made, created with a beautiful purpose.

I am a Southern California native that became a transplant to Sarasota, Florida. I love all things ocean, sunsets, beach and water. You can find this Enneagram 7 (w8) dreaming of adventures of my next adventure.

Welcome to my little corner of the world.


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