you have found my little piece of the world.

 I'm Summer + I am grateful to be the creative dreamer behind Summer & Dreamer Collective. As a graphic designer, I have the opportunity to create beautiful things, in beautiful spaces, with beautiful clients that are making their mark in the world. I have discovered that since launching my small design studio, I have fallen in love with working alongside small business owners who are on their own journey in their business. My purpose is not to simply create minimal, clean designs that fit my clients, but to create a collaboration that drives deeper into the branding and vision of their company.


I am someone who believes that your story matters and authentic living is to be beautifully embraced and lived out together. This is my little corner of the world where I get to openly share my heart + soul creatively, graciously and with the beauty of authenticity. A place where my hope is that you come, feel encouraged, seen and heard.

i'm so happy to meet you.

creativity feeds my soul.


SIMPLE REMINDERS THAT YOU ARE loved, you are wonderfully made, and beautifully purposed.

give back love

With each purchase we make a donation of 10% back to an amazing cause. That's right - with every purchase made we give away 10% of the profits to an organization that we LOVE. At the start of 2021, as we prayed through who to donate towards - it was apparent we needed to support EXILE INTERNATIONAL An organization that exists "to promote justice + champion value for the poor, the hungry, + the oppressed, as well as serve them around the world."

collaboration love

Inspired collaborations are my jam. Working with my clients instead of for them creates an excitement for each project that I take on. The goal is to create an incredible finished design that feels like yours + inspires you. My goal is great communication, hearing your voice as a small business owner + creating an enjoyable experience throughout the entire journey.

personal love

My biggest "fill me up" moments are partnering  with small business that have soul changing missions - I love a good change the world mentality... it's the enneagram 7 in me. I love working with clients who have a positive outlook, are excited + passionate about what they are doing and are changing the world for themselves or others.